Across Australia and the world, businesses are turning their attention to renewable energy sources. One of the most popular options in countries like Australia, which see a high amount of sunshine, is solar. But are commercial solar panels a good investment? We believe there are two ways to look at this question

  1. Are commercial solar panels a good financial investment?
  2. Are commercial solar panels a good investment for the future of our planet?

We’ll answer both, based on our 30+ years of experience in the energy sector and delivering solar panels for a range of businesses.


Solar panels enable you to generate and use your own electricity. This means you don’t have to buy as much electricity from your energy retailer. Electricity bills can be a substantial proportion of the company overheads, particularly if you run a business heavily dependent on power, which most businesses do. Electricity prices have never been higher and there is little market competition driving the prices back down. In fact, they’re set to rise further as resources such as coal, used to generate power, reduce in use in the coming years. Solar panels enable you to end your reliance on the national electricity suppliers. Financially, solar panels make sense as a business investment.

Most business investment decisions are based on making or saving money. Solar panels will save your business money as your electrical bills reduce. As soon as the initial capital is covered, your investment starts paying dividends and the money saved can be redistributed to other important areas of the business.

So why don’t all businesses implement solar? Solar panels for commercial properties, depending on the size, can require large capital to implement. Quality Energy understands that cashflow is important which is why we have finance partners and finance options available. This enables companies who are interested in powering their business using solar, subject to the solar feasibility, can do so without putting major strain on cashflow.

Finance partners are available for commercial solar panels because the ROI is clear to see, making it a smart investment. After the initial capital is spent and the solar panels installed, they will begin paying for themselves. Based on your company’s current energy bills, Quality Energy can assess and provide full turnkey solutions which are designed to reduce your energy costs, recovering the investment of the initial switch from traditional to solar quickly through our cash flow positive modelling and finance structure.


As a global community, we know we need to be more sustainable. Corporates and businesses owners agree that we need to move away from fossil fuels and turn towards renewable energy for the future of our children and planet. Solar panels are one of the most popular ways for households and businesses to generate their own power in Australia. We live in a sunny country so it makes sense to use the sunlight which we see anywhere from 2,200 to 3,200 hours per year across the nation to generate energy.

Renewable energies have increasingly accounted for a higher proportion of Australia’s National Electricity Market over the past decade, with coal percentages falling while wind and solar climb higher. Clean energy is undeniably the future and businesses should be leading the way, particularly now that the general public are more aware about their power as consumers to impact the environment. Businesses that are using commercial solar panels find this message resonates well with their customers. You can highlight this feature on your website, demonstrating your commitment to a healthier future. For environmentally-conscious consumers this could be the selling point which gives you the edge over a competitor.

New renewable energy technologies are developing fast. For businesses, one of the most efficient and reliable systems are solar panels. If your company is looking to become greener, our Clean Energy Council Accredited installs are a great place to start.

To answer our question, are commercial solar panels a good investment for the future?

They’re not just good, they’re essential.

An investment in solar panels is an investment in the future of our planet as well as increasing your company’s financial and environmental sustainability. Save your business money, save the planet and lead the way for a brighter future.


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