Transform your business, prepare for a new energy future with Quality Energy.

Why is Quality Energy
to your company’s energy

We do this by improving the quality of electricity
supply to your premises, and by ongoing monitoring
of your electrical consumption enabling decisions on
further savings.
Energy is saved and equipment life extended.

Quality Energy will enable you to be a leader
in your field in energy conservation.

Cutting energy costs, improves your profits.

How do we
achieve this?

The Beolec Mark 4 is the industry leader in voltage regulation.

The electricity delivered to your premises is not optimised to minimise energy consumption.The Beolec Mark 4 can dramatically change this,smoothing, regulating and lowering voltage, and more accurately aligning the phases. We finely tune
your electricity supply.

We will install your new shiny Beolec Mark 4,and from the moment it is switched on you will be saving money.







The is designed, manufactured and supported in Australia.

What industries and businesses benefit by installing a

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