There are many factors which may impact the power quality of the electricity which is delivered to, and distributed within, a commercial property. Both delivery and distribution are important touch points in the process. Business owners have less capacity to impact and control the quality of the power delivered to them, being reliant on the country’s national grid, however, they can improve the quality, safety and longevity of their power distribution system onsite.

One of the most common and serious issues within a power distribution system is the existence of harmonics. In order to improve power quality across the entire property and for all equipment, harmonic distortion within the power distribution system should be minimised.

The presence of harmonics affects the stability as well as the reliability of the power distribution system. Stability is paramount for safety and should therefore be the top priority for all business owners to protect their site. The equipment itself is a key secondary concern since instability can cause damage and increase wear and tear. Reliability is vital for commercial enterprise, particularly in industrial settings when constant power is required. Manufacturing plants, for example, will have their output and subsequently their bottom line negatively affected by unreliable power distribution. Similarly, industries such as construction, when project deadlines are paramount, cannot afford to lose time due to machinery being inoperable or not operating at its full capacity.

When there is a power quality or power distribution issue, our engineers begin by conducting an onsite harmonic survey. Harmonics in power distribution systems are caused by non-linear loads. Our engineers will not only measure the harmonics currently present but will also assess the entire setup to most accurately pinpoint any danger points or issues which may need to be addressed.

Once a harmonic survey is completed, our engineers have the necessary data to make informed recommendations. As every installation is different, it is key to draw conclusions based on reliable data to deliver the most effective solution for each of our individual clients. We take a holistic approach to your energy needs. There is no one size fits all answer when it comes to commercial power solutions and we understand the need for flexibility. For most power distribution systems, the installation of an active harmonic filter (sometimes called an active power filter) is an effective and reliable addition which can minimise any harmonic distortion.

An active harmonic filter works to cancel harmonics in real-time. They are therefore ideal for properties where there is a wide range of loads and varying demands required. When a non-linear load creates harmonic distortion, an active harmonic filter can regulate the desired levels and ensure the power supply is constant and safe, keeping plants operating smoothly and reliably 24/7.

Circutor, with whom Quality Energy partners, builds a range of not only active harmonic filters but active multi-function filters. These are specifically designed in response to the increasing variety of electrical equipment which can be found in commercial properties. From laptops to air conditioning units to vast manufacturing machinery, an active multi-function filter will ensure every single electrical device can be run on the same electrical system without compromise. Circutor’s range of Active Multi-Function Filters (the AFQ range) is considered the most complete solution on the market for solving quality-related problems.

Our engineers can recommend and install the most suitable AFQ for any commercial setup based on our harmonic Survey. Once the new active harmonic filter has been installed, a secondary survey will be carried out, collecting data which allows our engineers to see the effectiveness of the filter and make adjustments to the settings as needed. The AFQ also comes with a touchscreen display which enables onsite engineers to monitor and maintain the power quality for years to come.

To find out more about active harmonic filters and to enquire about conducting a harmonic survey at your facility, get in touch with Quality Energy today.

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