For the past few years, we have seen year-on-year growth in the number of businesses that have made the switch to solar. There are many benefits to installing solar, chief among them is the ability to reduce your electricity bill. With Australia setting the target of net-zero carbon emission by 2030 and general consumer sentiment favouring brands that prioritise sustainability, more SMEs are also considering installing rooftop solar panels for their businesses.

Using an industrial café in Melbourne as an example, we illustrate how much will a typical small business in the hospitality industry save by switching to solar.

Cost and Savings Analysis: 20kW Solar Panels for an Industrial Café

Operating Hours: 7am to 4pm, five days a week

Electricity consumption: 2600kWh on average each month

Our Power Solutions Consultant analysed the customer’s electricity bill, roof size and energy profile, then proposed a 20kW rooftop solar system.

Sustainability impact: This system will save at least 7.5 tons CO2 emission per year, which is an equivalent of 5000-liter oil consumption per year.

Government Rebates Available

As a small business in Victoria, the industrial café was eligible for a $3500* rebate, in addition to the total Small-Scale Technology Certificate (STC) credits the business was eligible to claim ($7500).

The upfront cost of solar installation has always been an impediment for small businesses to make the switch to solar. However, the Victorian State Government’s Solar for Business Rebate is a great incentive. Combined with the STC credits, the total installation cost for a 20kW solar power system is almost halved.

Easy and Hassle-Free Finance

Furthermore, there are various finance options to help you make the switch. Quality Energy’s solar finance partners specialise in solar finance for small businesses, making the process hassle-free for business owners.

Right now, businesses who qualify for the Vic Solar for Business Program can also apply for 12 or 24 months interest-free finance up to $5000*.

Why Quality Energy?

We have been in the business of helping other businesses reduce the cost of electricity for over 30 years. Trusted by the biggest brands in Australia, we only use Tier-1 manufacturer product with best-in-class warranties. Your Quality Energy solar power system will be installed by CEC accredited installers, giving you a peace of mind and the return-on-investment that we promise.

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*Terms and conditions apply. See the Vic Solar for Business Program website for more information.

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