At Quality Energy, we have been assisting large and small businesses in Australia in achieving high-quality, reliable energy supplies for over 30 years. Key to our comprehensive solutions is expert earth leakage protection and monitoring, ensuring commercial and industrial organisations are able to maintain a continuous and reliable supply of electricity to support production processes.

The Cost of Poor Electrical Supply

Earth leakage is often the result of an incorrectly configured electrical system, causing short circuits between neutrals and the grounding network as well as the resulting equipment malfunctions. An earth leakage current can occur when part of the return current in the neutral conductor flows into the grounding circuit and the conductive parts back to the service entrance, causes several issues in electrical equipment, including:

  • Strong electromagnetic fields that interferes with neighbouring electrical equipment.
  • Noise in the electrical network that causes electrical equipment to malfunction.
  • Significant dips and surges in voltage between grounding points, which present a serious safety risk to people as well as equipment.

Unwanted stops, interruptions and nuisance tripping is not merely an inconvenience – it generates high economic costs in terms of downtime, production quality losses, loss of work and damage to equipment.

Earth leakage issues put lives and facilities at serious risk, as they may result in severe electrical shock and can easily start a fire. In the USA, for example, 5,200 fires every year in office buildings and industrial facilities are determined to have resulted from issues with fixed wiring and related equipment. Common electrical faults that can cause a fire in your facility include short circuits, overloaded circuits, excessive voltage, electrical arcs in connections and, of course earth leakage currents.

While buildings are required to have certain safety procedures and alarms to ensure a quick response in the event of a fire, prevention is by far the most important line of defence. This makes it critical for commercial and industrial organisations to implement a comprehensive energy management system (ISO 50001) to protect against earth leakage issues and provide effective monitoring of the electrical network.

End-to End Earth Leakage and Monitoring

At Quality Energy, we recommend comprehensive earth leakage protection and monitoring through a variety of solutions that can be tailored to your facility’s needs. This allows you to install the optimal systems that meet both price point and quality specifications, whether you want to address a single crisis situation or multiple layers of protection, control and monitoring of the electrical network’s health. Components of these solutions include:

  • Class B universal earth leakage protection and monitoring: A safety solution that ensures the correct functioning for AC, DC and mixed AC/DC up to 1kHz in frequency. The Class B solution offers two distinct advantages over Type A AC and AC earth leakage units in terms of effective and comprehensive protection, as Class B is able to detect smooth residual direct currents and offers a higher level of reliability when a pulsating earth leakage current occurs alongside smooth direct currents.
  • Earth leakage transformers: A range of round and rectangular toroidal transformers in a wide range of operating currents and specifications. This allows for the creation of a customised solution that works seamlessly with your existing electrical supply and infrastructure, ensuring minimal installation time/downtime.
  • Ultra-immunised earth leakage relays: Both fixed and adjustable earth leakage relays operating with an LED display, ensuring preventative maintenance teams have easy access to up-to-date reclosing and leakage data for monitoring and analysis. Solutions in this range offer service continuity, pre-alarm, monitoring, and telemanagement capabilities, and can be applied to single-phase and three-phase (with and without neutral) electrical systems. Various devices also include type A, type B and instantaneous protection models with adjustable or fixed sensitivity and selective protection capabilities.


Simplified Installation of Earth Leakage Protection and Monitoring Systems

Smart, customisable solutions allow your team to cover all possible points of protection of most neutral systems through either a single-phase protection system or a complementary monitoring system. Software is designed to guarantee accurate energy supervision, achieve preventative maintenance along all lines and simplify access to essential data and system monitoring processes through telemanagement and remote control.

Quality Energy works with commercial and industrial clients to provide state-of-the-art earth leakage protection and monitoring systems that are scalable, customisable and reliable. Our solutions are designed to provide high-quality protection and accessible monitoring at a price point that satisfies your budget, ensuring peace of mind by providing your employees, facility and equipment with essential protection. To find out more about our earth leakage protection and monitoring systems or to have our expert team perform an analysis of your facility, please contact us today.

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