Power Quality

5 Significant Benefits Of Improving Your Commercial & Industrial Power Quality

While power problems certainly aren’t new, they’ve largely been either misunderstood, mismanaged or ignored in the past. The importance of power quality has become more prevalent due to the digitisation and increasing use of electronic devices in facilities, such as computers and other digital machines. In many industrial facilities, poor power quality has become a…
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Power Quality to Manage it Effectively

Know Your Facility’s Power Quality to Manage it Effectively

Facilities in Australia and around the world are invested to varying degrees in measuring their power quality in order to effectively manage it, whether this is done through routine power quality audits or proactive, continuous power quality management. Here are some general guidelines on why power quality matters and what to track as part of…
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Expertise Is Invaluable In Improving Power Quality

In every industry, expertise is valued. In the electrical engineering and energy efficiency industry, we’re no exception. That’s why we believe in partnerships which allow us to share our expertise with others at the top of their field, bringing together in-depth knowledge from across the industry and working as a team to deliver a superior…
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reduce kVAr

Reducing Your kVAr

Quality Energy specialise in Power Factor Correction units and their servicing. We create custom-built Power Factor Correction Units which can be installed in a range of business settings and are designed to make a business more energy efficient. The key functionality of a Power Factor Correction Unit, or Capacitor Bank, is to reduce a property’s…
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power quality

The Importance Of Power Quality

Electrical power is transported and delivered across countries and oceans to homes and businesses around the world. This electricity is used to power a wide range of equipment and devices, often without a second thought. Developed countries take for granted our capacity to plug into a reliable and safe electrical grid at any time and…
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