The Beolec Mark 4

The Beolec Mark 4 is the industry leader in voltage regulation.

Add value to business enterprises that use large amounts of 3 phase power. These Mark 4 units range from 240 to 800 Amps and can dramatically optimise energy consumption by smoothing, regulating and lowering voltage as well as more accurately aligning each phase.

Right now, you have the opportunity to purchase this unit at never before seen pricing.

Beolec Mark 4

RRP Sale
240 AMP $21,900 $12,890
550 AMP $38,620 $19,760
800 AMP $46,280 $22,840

Limited number of
units available.

Lower cost of purchase,
so greater margins for you.

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Excellent 2 year warranty.

Take advantage of the Australian Government's Instant Asset Write-Off Scheme

Purchase your unit between now and 31st December 2020 and your customers could be eligible for the Government's instant assest write-off scheme.
Voltage Optimnisation

Special Offer On Beolec Mark 4

There’s never been a better time to buy Beolec Mark 4 voltage optimisation technology from Quality Energy! We’re offering you the opportunity to purchase these units at exceptionally low prices and invest in technology that delivers long-term energy saving, cost-effective benefits.

Now, more than ever, organisations are looking to streamline operations and reduce costs. Beolec Mark 4 voltage optimisation units not only help reduce energy wastage, but ensure a steady, reliable energy supply to minimize maintenance costs and wear-and-tear on equipment.

Download our Datasheet and product specifications.

What this means for you

Get substantial savings on these units to pass on to your clients, increasing your margins without compromising on quality.

This is an opportunity not to be missed for any electrical professional in the market for voltage optimisation.

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technology without beolec

Without the introduction of a Beolec system into the premises, the electrical infrastructure is susceptible to all Supply Authority Power Quality Issues:

  • Spikes
  • Voltage unbalance
  • Emerging evidence that high penetration of solar PV (Photovoltaic) is already causing voltage rise beyond the statutory limit of 400 V + 10% (253 volts phase to neutral) in particular parts of the energex network [Refer: Energex Publication DAPR 2013/14 to 2017/18]
  • Over voltage
  • Waveform distortion


technology with beolec

With the introduction of a Beolec system into the premises electrical infrastructure the customer receives the following key benefits:

  • Voltage regulation is maintained to a fixed nominal output set-point (e.g. 220V) +1/ -1 volt of the set-point
  • Voltage is actively independently balanced across all three phases and is maintained to +1/ -1 volt of the set-point
  • Brings voltage to the lower level of equipment design specifications (i.e. 216.5V- 253V)
  • No introduction of harmonics into electrical system
  • Lower voltage stress means reduction in maintenance and associated costs Real time monitoring through internet based software enable load profiles to be generated for critical analysis


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