Reduced costs

Installing a custom-built power factor capacitor bank minimises wasted energy, improves plant efficiency and ultimately saves you money.

Increase electrical system capacity

Rectify any overloading issues you have and benefit from the opportunity to expand your plant without upgrading transformer or supply equipment.

Get the most out of what you pay for

Inefficient electrical systems tend to use a large quantity of ‘reactive’ power (kVAr), which represents the power lost in the operation of inductive equipment such as electric motors and transformers.

Positive impacts on the enviroment

Power factor correction makes existing utility electricity more efficient and delivers significant energy reductions, providing considerable environmental benefits.

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power factor improvement.

    Have your energy needs increased?

    Quality Energy can assist in the design and manufacture of a Power Factor Correction unit to cater for your site’s energy profile. Power Factor Correction provides many benefits like reduced electricity utility bills, increased system capacity, improved voltage and reduced losses.Learn more about our power factor promise and how we can assist with your power factor improvement.(video below text)

    Melbourne University Case Study

    Melbourne University invited Quality Energy to tender for the installation of 26 Low Voltage Power Factor correctionSystems at multiple locations around the campus.

    After an extensive tender process Quality Energy were awarded the contract to design, manufacture and install 26 low voltage Power Factor Correction Systems throughout Melbourne University’s Carlton campus. These systems were installed at locations identified as running with a poor Power Factor, with systems ranging from 62.5 kVAr through to 400kVAr.

    Partners & Accreditations

    30 years’ engineering in Australia

    Quality Energy is a national market-leading manufacturer that specialises in industrial power quality and efficiency.We’ve been adding value by providing professional products and services to companies all over Australia for over 30 years.

    Locally manufactured

    Our custom-designed leading power factor correction systems are built with premium European components and assembled in Australia by experienced engineers.

    Custom designed and Built

    By choosing a Quality Energy PFC system, you’re choosing a tailored solution at a highly competitive price, delivering maximum power efficiency and cost savings. Our revolutionary power factor correction equipment is designed to maximise your equipment’s life expectancy.

    What our customers have to say

    “Melbourne University engaged Quality Energy, as the successful applicant of a major tender process for the supply and installation of twenty-seven Power Factor Correction systems as a turn-key project. Quality Energy have proved themselves to be a very good electrical contractor and manufacturer who are professional, responsible, flexible and customer focused.”


    “Quality Energy have been servicing the Power Factor Correction units at the Adelaide Print Centre for the last three years. Their service work began soon after they designed and modified the existing units to suit the site’s requirements of filtering harmonics. Quality Energy have always been prompt and professional and ensure we are gaining the maximum savings”.


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    Our Story So Far

    Quality Energy has a long and proud history dating back over 30 years. David Stratford began the business (previously Eastern District Electrics) in 1989 where he spent years developing his craft and moving into the specialised area of Power Quality. Through a partnership David developed with a large multinational, Eastern District Electrics began to grow and be exposed to large projects throughout Australia and abroad.

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