Thermal imaging is increasingly being used by businesses to reduce their commercial insurance premium. A thermal imaging survey of your switchboards can help you establish a low-risk working environment and effective fire reduction strategies. That is why insurance companies are progressively including thermal imaging as an essential requirement for commercial premises’ fire risk assessment.

What are the benefits of thermal imaging for your business?

Thermal imaging can pinpoint trouble areas before problems arise. Using a specialised camera to measure infrared radiation emitted by an object, thermal imaging can detect hot spots in electrical wiring and connections generally traced to high-resistance areas with multiple causes of failures.

Other benefits of thermal imaging include:

  • measure temperature variations accurately
  • accurately target areas that need repair
  • reduce unscheduled outages
  • increase efficiency of maintenance programs
  • document faults for corrective action or reporting
  • reduce the risk of expensive equipment damage from electrical damage


During our recent thermographic survey for an industrial client, we identified a couple of hazards in their ageing sub-board that  – if neglected long enough – would become a serious fire hazard. Our world-class thermal imaging gun detected the issues by assessing the level of infrared radiation emitted by the object, regardless of the lighting condition. Our technicians then analysed the images and data collected, before providing a comprehensive report to our clients with recommendations. This process enabled our client to make informed economic and safety decision on the service and repairs required.

Thermal imaging infrared image switchboard overheating
Thermal imaging result from a thermographic survey. It would be advisable to upgrade this board due to age and evidence that the busbar is touching.


An electricity spark is one of the most significant contributors to fires in Victoria.

Thermal imaging is a non-invasive method to uncover any problem areas efficiently and safely, before it is too late. It is recommended to conduct thermal imaging once a year, or when moving into a new business premise.

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