How Much Will You Save by Switching to Solar?

For the past few years, we have seen year-on-year growth in the number of businesses that have made the switch to solar. There are many benefits to installing solar, chief among them is the ability to reduce your electricity bill. With Australia setting the target of net-zero carbon emission by 2030 and general consumer sentiment…
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How to Select the Best Solar Installer for Your Business

So, you have decided to install a solar power system to help reduce your energy bill and carbon emissions. Now, you need to find a reputable solar power provider who can design and install a solar power system that will deliver the best result for your business. It is well-known that Australia’s solar industry —…
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Power Purchase Agreement – Solar Finance Option for Businesses

As energy prices increase, businesses increasingly turn their attention towards renewable energy sources. One of the most popular options in Australia is solar, which enables businesses to generate and use their own electricity. This means businesses do not have to buy as much electricity from their retailer. Furthermore, solar power is a clean energy source.…
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Impacts of Harmonic Pollution and How to Mitigate Harmonics

As our electronic devices are powered to be smaller, faster, and more efficient in production terms, the electronic components embedded within these devices also create unwanted distortion within the electricity network. This distortion (or ‘harmonics’) affects the correct functioning of most of the connected equipment. What are Harmonic Voltages? Harmonic voltages (harmonics) result from the…
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Energy-Saving Grants for SME Food and Beverage Manufacturers

Update 23 February 2022: Please note this grant program is extended until 3 March for Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia businesses that meet the criteria. See business.gov.au for more information. Are you in the food and beverage manufacturing business? Does your business have 1-199 employees and is wanting to become more energy…
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