Preventive maintenance in manufacturing

What is Preventive Maintenance and why is it so important?

Equipment failures cannot be eliminated. It will happen. However, it is possible to reduce equipment failures, prolong the lifespan of expensive equipment, and save your business money in the long run. Preventive Maintenance (PM) refers to regular, routine maintenance to keep equipment running at optimal levels, prevent unplanned downtime and the expensive costs due to…
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Why We Manufacture PFC Equipment In Melbourne

Switching to LED lights, installing solar PV, or installing variable speed drives onto your motors can positively affect your power factor. However, the most effective way to make long-term changes to your energy efficiency is by installing Power Factor Correction (PFC) equipment. But when it comes to PFC solutions, one size doesn’t fit all. Each…
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5 Significant Benefits Of Improving Your Commercial & Industrial Power Quality

While power problems certainly aren’t new, they’ve largely been either misunderstood, mismanaged or ignored in the past. The importance of power quality has become more prevalent due to the digitisation and increasing use of electronic devices in facilities, such as computers and other digital machines. In many industrial facilities, poor power quality has become a…
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Harmonic Survey

Conducting A Harmonic Survey

There are many factors which may impact the power quality of the electricity which is delivered to, and distributed within, a commercial property. Both delivery and distribution are important touch points in the process. Business owners have less capacity to impact and control the quality of the power delivered to them, being reliant on the…
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Power Quality to Manage it Effectively

Know Your Facility’s Power Quality to Manage it Effectively

Facilities in Australia and around the world are invested to varying degrees in measuring their power quality in order to effectively manage it, whether this is done through routine power quality audits or proactive, continuous power quality management. Here are some general guidelines on why power quality matters and what to track as part of…
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