LED Lighting Upgrades

Large Scale Lighting Upgrades

Technological developments have enabled us as energy efficiency experts to provide our clients with a wider and more effective range of options when it comes to reducing the levels of energy consumed by a business. We work with large and small clients to reduce their energy consumption. Many businesses don’t know where to start when…
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Harmonic Filters

Active Harmonic Filters Vs Passive Harmonic Filters

While we are electrical engineers and experts on quality power, many of our clients are not as familiar with the terminology which we deal with every day. Whether you are a business owner, a renewable energy consultant or a contractor who specialises in specific power quality equipment, sometimes you need specialist advice. Quality Energy believes…
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Energy efficiency

4 ways to improve your business’ energy efficiency

Businesses worldwide are looking for new ways to be more energy efficient. Not only is this important in terms of our collective carbon footprint, but energy is also expensive. Reducing your business’ energy use will reduce your monthly energy bills, saving you money at the same time as saving the planet. Here are our four…
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power quality

The Importance Of Power Quality

Electrical power is transported and delivered across countries and oceans to homes and businesses around the world. This electricity is used to power a wide range of equipment and devices, often without a second thought. Developed countries take for granted our capacity to plug into a reliable and safe electrical grid at any time and…
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Active Harmonic Filter

What Is An Active Harmonic Filter?

Active Harmonic Filters neutralise active harmonics. A harmonic is a voltage or current at a multiple of the fundamental frequency of the system. They are a result of non-linear electrical loads and occur within an installation but also reside in the power grid. These additional harmonic frequencies can cause power quality problems because they interfere…
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