As energy prices increase, businesses increasingly turn their attention towards renewable energy sources. One of the most popular options in Australia is solar, which enables businesses to generate and use their own electricity. This means businesses do not have to buy as much electricity from their retailer. Furthermore, solar power is a clean energy source. From a financial and environmental perspective, switching from coal-generated power to solar makes sense.

So, why don’t more businesses implement solar? The biggest hurdle for businesses is the capital required to implement a solar solution. Depending on the size of the system, implementing a solar power solution can require a considerable amount of money before businesses start reaping the benefits that come in the form of electricity bill savings.

At Quality Energy, we understand that cash flow is important. With that in mind, we partner with solar finance providers who provide solar financing. This enables businesses interested in switching to solar to do so with peace of mind. Based on our experience working with commercial customers, the most popular solar financing is Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

What is a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)?

A Power Purchase Agreement is a contract between you and a solar finance provider. The solar finance provider owns, operates and maintains your solar power solution during the contract period. Your solar finance provider uses solar to generate electricity on-site, or ‘behind-the-meter,’ effectively removing both the network charges and retail margin from your grid-generated electricity bill.

How does a PPA work?

  1. Your new solar power solution will be installed at no up-front cost.
  2. Your solar finance provider will own, operate and maintain the system during the PPA contract.
  3. Your solar PPA is calculated based on how much electricity is generated.
  4. Your solar PPA bill is bundled with your reduced grid electricity bill.


What are the benefits of PPA?

PPA is a fuss-free, capital-free solution to finance your solar power system investment. Benefits of PPA include:

  • reduce electricity bill
  • future-proof your business against energy cost fluctuation
  • zero up-front cost for installation
  • zero maintenance cost


Quality Energy partners with Green Peak Energy to provide capital-free solar solutions for your business. We have been in the business of helping other companies reduce their energy cost for over 30 years. Our industry longevity and reputation as Australia’s leading energy efficiency and power quality technology experts are only enhanced by our status as a Clean Energy Council accredited solar installer. Above and beyond our dedication to excellence, this means we are obligated to comply with the industry’s best practice and provide long-term customer support Australia-wide.

The Quality Energy promise

  • Premium quality, Tier-1 manufacturer solar components
  • Experienced Clean Energy Council accredited installers
  • Aftercare and support
  • Maintenance contract with the first 12-month system check included.


If you are an SME, you may be eligible for additional savings when switching to solar. Contact one of our team at [email protected] or call us at 1800 736 374 for more information.



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