Laminex is Australia’s leading brand of premium decorative surfaces, designed for the Australian lifestyle.

Ballarat, Victoria
System Size
97.6kW PV Solar
225kVAr Power Factor Unit
Replace 186 x 400W High Bays throughout the factory with 150W LED energy efficient lights
Project Installed
Key Equipment
QCells PV Panels / Fronius Inverters
Quality Energy Power Factor Correction System
Emerald Planet LED Lighting
Project Warranty
Solar Panels 25 years
PFC System 3 years
LED Lighting 5 years

Project overview

Recent changes in Laminex’s billing structure along with rising energy cost were the catalysts for Laminex’s decision to explore at all options available to reduce their electricity costs.
The Problem
Higher energy costs were having a large impact on Laminex’s running costs.
The Consequences
This was a truly holistic approach that coupled three different technologies to help reduce costs.

The Solution
The above solutions ensured the building reduced their kW consumption due to the LED upgrade, reduced their kVA demand with the help of our PFC system and then reduce their power bill even further with their 97.6kW solar system that is now generating power 365 days a year and helping further reduce their power bill.

The Benefit

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