The Victorian Solar for Business Program is offering up to $3500 rebate for eligible businesses for their solar installation (10-30kW).

  • Limited places available
  • Rebate is in addition to the Federal Government rebates (STCs)


Get a high-quality and low-maintenance solar system designed specifically for your business’ energy use.

Quality Energy has been in the business of energy efficiency for over 30 years. Our commercial solar experts are able to customise a solar power solution specific to your business needs and budget. We offer turn-key solutions using only Tier-1 manufacturer components.


We are a Clean Energy Council licensed solar provider.

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Why Solar Power?

Having a solar power system installed means you can save money on your electricity bills by generating and using your own power. With energy prices at an all-time high there is no better time to install a solar system in your business.

Don’t believe us, check out the following real-case scenarios of how you can potentially save more than $5000 on your electricity bill.

20kW Solar Panels for an Industrial Cafe

Location: Melbourne, Victoria

Operating hours: 7am to 4pm, five days a week

Electricity consumption: 2600kWh average each month

An industrial cafe in Melbourne was paying around $800 per month for their electricity bill. Quality Energy was contacted to help them save on their electricity charges.


Based on our analysis of the customer’s electricity bill, roof size and energy profile, we proposed a 20kW rooftop solar system.

Total investment: $18,000 (including GST)

Total annual savings: $5280

Payback period: 3 years 5 months

Sustainability impact: This system will save at least 7.5-tonnes CO2 emission per year, an equivalent of 5000-liter oil consumption per year.



Switch and Save with Quality Energy, Australia's leading energy efficiency solutions provider since 1989.

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Why Quality Energy?

30 Years’ of Engineering In Australia

Quality Energy is a national market-leading energy efficiency solutions provider and manufacturer. We’ve been adding value by providing professional products and services to companies all over Australia for over 30 years. We have been here for 30 years, and we will be here for another 30, giving our customers a peace of mind should they encounter any issues with their installation and maintenance.

Best-in-Class Warranties

15 years panel warranty

25 years performance warranty

10 years workmanship warranty


Cash-flow positive finance

Our finance partners are accredited and reputable finance providers specialising in solar finance for small business. That means easy and hassle free finance, with low deposit. So you can enjoy cash-flow positive finance AND ongoing electricity bill savings.

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