We are so pleased to share that following a thorough vetting and auditing process, we are now a Clean Energy Council (CEC) Approved Solar Retailer!

Since we introduced our commercial solar solutions, we have been working hard to adhere to the code of conduct as set out by Clean Energy Council. The code of conduct governs everything from the way we advertise, to our solar solutions delivery, post-sales process and the warranties we offer to our customers. We are proud that our effort is recognised by CEC and we are now an accredited retailer.

Why is it important?

CEC is the peak governing body in a saturated renewable energy industry that has seen its fair share of unscrupulous providers. The accreditation ensures a peace of mind for consumers when it comes to investing in a solar system, ensuring you are purchasing the best product available from a business that is committed to responsible sales and marketing. The Code of Conduct outlines what CEC expects of solar retailers, and protects consumers’ interest.

Benefits of Choosing a CEC Approved Solar Retailer:

  1. Detailed and professional quote documentation: Retailers like Quality Energy who are accredited undergoes stringent and regular audits by the CEC. Our quotes and documentation are detailed and compliant to CEC requirements.
  2. Warranty Terms: Approved Solar Retailers will offer an additional warranty covering the “whole of system” including workmanship, installation as well as the performance and operation of the system.
  3. Detailed procedure for post-sales process and complaints handling: CEC Approved Retailers are committed to raising the bar on service delivery in the solar industry. Therefore, our post-sales process and complaints handling procedure are compliant with CEC Code of Conduct. This ensures consumers are protected and complaints will be heard.


Besides being an Approved Solar Retailer, our installers are also CEC Approved Installers. This means they comply with the following:

  • CEC system design and installation guidelines
  • AS 5033:2012 installation and safety requirements for photovoltaic (PV arrays)
  • AS 3000:2007 electrical installations (known as wiring rules)
  • AS 4777:2005 grid connection of energy systems via inverters
  • AS 2053.1:2001 conduits and fittings for electrical installations – general requirements
  • AS 4509.1:2009 stand-alone power systems – safety and installation


Why partner with us?

Quality Energy has been in the business of helping customers reduce their energy costs for over 30 years. We do that through our full range of power quality and renewable energy solutions such as Power Factor Correction, Active Harmonic Filters, Solar and more. You’ll get access to a dedicated Power Solutions consultant who will advise you on a custom solution that is right for your business. Once your system is up and running, we’re here to support you, from warranties to maintenance and repairs.

Give us a call on 1800 736 374 or contact us to discuss your solar needs.


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