While power problems certainly aren’t new, they’ve largely been either misunderstood, mismanaged or ignored in the past.

The importance of power quality has become more prevalent due to the digitisation and increasing use of electronic devices in facilities, such as computers and other digital machines. In many industrial facilities, poor power quality has become a serious problem and is a major underutilised source of cost reduction and economic advantage.

Poor power quality can impact multiple aspects of your business with a long list of destructive and
costly effects. You could be losing money and productivity without even being aware of it. In contrast, the benefits that come from power quality correction can be multifold and long-lasting, improving your operations and your bottom line. The need for better power quality is also increasingly important for companies interested in energy conservation and continuous control.

Here are five of the most significant benefits of improving power quality at your commercial premises:

1. Minimise the risk of damage.

Poor power quality can cause damage to sensitive equipment. Without clean, uniform power, your facility is more prone to premature equipment failures or outages.

2. Reduce energy costs.

Poor power quality can lower productivity and drive up energy costs. Power quality improvement solutions can reduce heat, vibration, and noise in AC motors. The result is a reduction in energy expenses, improved machine performance, reliability, and longer life expectancy.

3. Improve equipment lifespan.

The life span of equipment is also impacted by poor power quality, meaning that more costs are associated with maintenance and the replacement of depreciating assets.

4. Ensure the safety of electrical installation.

Poor power quality can impair the safety of electrical installations. If power is not properly provided, machines, run the risk of overheating. When machines overheat, they can break down or even catch fire.

5. Increase operational efficiency.

When you have an interruption of power, your service, and your machines, stops, even if only briefly. When you suffer these interruptions, your output, in turn, suffers as well.

Find areas of improvement with a power quality audit

There are a number of causes of poor power quality in commercial environments. But you don’t need to let your efficiency and productivity suffer. A power quality audit can help you to identify poor power factors and sources of electrical pollution.

An in-depth power quality audit by our power protection experts at Quality Energy involves comprehensively assessing your facilities, including wiring, loading, line balance, polarity grounding and harmonic distortion.

By providing you with technical and economic analysis data options, you can make an informed decision to solve your power quality problems. Ultimately, investing in the quality of your power is an investment in the quality of your business. To learn more about our power quality audit service, contact us today.

Check out our case studies to see how a Quality Energy Power Quality Audit will benefit your business.


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