In every industry, expertise is valued. In the electrical engineering and energy efficiency industry, we’re no exception. That’s why we believe in partnerships which allow us to share our expertise with others at the top of their field, bringing together in-depth knowledge from across the industry and working as a team to deliver a superior service and better outcomes for each client.

Back in 1989 when our business began, our range of services was relatively broad. Over the years, as we increased our experience and technologies developed, we began to focus more specifically on Power Quality and Renewable Energy. Now we are leading the way.

Expertise within our industry is of paramount importance. When it comes to Power Quality and Renewable Energy, we know what we’re talking about. Our staff keep up to date with the latest technology and offer our clients and partners cutting edge solutions for a wide range of Renewable Energy and Power Quality issues.

What is Power Quality?

Power Quality is all about optimising electrical systems, producing better quality electrical systems in terms of harmonics, while improving the power factor and reducing voltage instability. Improving a plant’s power quality usually results in a drop in the electrical demand, leading to lower power bills and greater longevity of equipment.

Power Quality Longevity

In addition to the initial improvements, Quality Energy can also install the necessary technology to detect and solve any power quality issues which may arise in the future. We offer Power Factor Correction Servicing to keep your solution running at optimal performance. Investing in power quality is a long-term solution and together with electrical engineers and electrical consultants, we deliver unparalleled expertise, superior services and greater results.

Quality Energy Renewable Energy Options

Businesses and individuals alike are now looking towards renewable energy as an alternative to traditional fossil fuels. Quality Energy has been helping businesses invest in green solutions over the years and we’re focused on continuing this into the future. This means we are able to advise individual business types about the most environmentally friendly and cost-effective changes they can make to their businesses in order to make a real impact and reduce their carbon footprint.


Case Study – Beach Energy

We work with many niche industries with high power demands, where a constant supply of power is vital to consistent output and therefore to the bottom line. Over our three decades of trading, we’ve worked on many projects within the oil and gas sector and have in-depth understanding of how oil rig electrical systems operate as well as the common causes of inefficiencies. In 2019, Quality Energy completed a 12-month project with Beach Energy Limited, an oil and gas exploration and production company based in Adelaide.

Quality Energy was approached after a land drilling rig, owned and run by Ensign Energy Services, was experiencing electrical problems while attempting to drill a directional well. This task required more power than the four installed generator sets were providing in order for the job to be completed. When drilling at full electrical load, the electrical system on the rig was running with a power factor of between 0.4 and 0.5 inductive. The power potential from the four generators was not being delivered and Ensign Energy were considering installing a fifth generator set which would have been expensive, would require additional fuel and ongoing maintenance. When Quality Energy was called, our Power Quality experts quickly identified that the gen-sets were capable of an optimal power factor of 0.7.

Quality Energy installed Power Factor Correction Units in order to improve efficiency and deliver more power to the drill. We have experience installing PFC Units on numerous oil and gas rigs around the world and have seen excellent results. This is a large-scale solution and it comes with challenges when working on an oil rig. Our experts had to lay the necessary cabling and protection into the main switchboard and we also had to source electrical equipment which was rated to suit the 600V on which the rig runs. Thanks to our 30+ years of expertise, we were successful in overcoming these challenges and completing the project.

Once installation was complete, the rig was reassessed and found to be running closer to peak efficiency. We saved our client large sums of money by avoiding the addition of another gen-set (and the fuel it would have needed) and instead optimised the equipment they had already purchased.

If your electrical project or power quality problem requires a true industry expert, get in touch with Quality Energy today.

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