Improving your operational efficiency usually means lower operational costs, right? Whether a factory installs more efficient machinery, or an office wants to implement a customer management system to streamline complaints, efficiency is the goal for businesses across all areas. A common and often overlooked area in which a business can be inefficient in their energy consumption.

We work directly with business decision makers and in partnership with consultants and contractors who focus on maximising power quality and reducing energy costs on behalf of their clients. With over 30 years of experience in the power quality and energy efficiency industry, we have a proven track record of delivering optimal energy efficiency and of saving clients’ money on their energy bills. One of the ways we support the reduction of energy costs is through the creation and installation of an Energy Management System.

Why would you consider an Energy Management System?

  • Boost sustainability of the business’ bottom line
  • Make business more environmentally friendly
  • Improve technical management of the installations
  • Reduce running costs


Whatever the initial reason to consider whether to implement an energy management system, benefits can be seen across all four of the above areas.

We specialise in energy management systems for large plants, including the manufacturing, mining and construction industries where efficiency not only reduces costs but is key to maximising profits. Often, we work alongside consultants and contractors, bringing our experience and expertise in this area to enhance the service delivered as well as to provide support and guidance across the project if required.

We recommend and install the highest quality equipment available on the market today. Quality Energy partners with Circutor due to their wide range of electrical energy efficiency products, specifically designed to deliver tangible solutions. There are six product families within Circutor’s range that we utilise to build bespoke energy management systems:

  • Measurement and Control
    • Power analysers
    • Efficiency data servers
    • Efficiency indicators
    • Concentrators
    • Transformers
    • Power control
  • Protection and Control
    • Earth leakage relays
  • Quality and Metering
    • Multifunction meters
    • Energy meters
  • Power Factor Correction and Harmonic Filtering
  • Smart Charge of Electric Vehicles
    • Electric Vehicle Chargers
  • Renewable Energies
    • Photovoltaic self-consumption


For optimum measurement and control, Circutor has its own software which empowers onsite and offsite engineers to deliver round the clock, informed management and support services. This is a particularly important feature of large-scale electrical energy efficiency projects because the installation of equipment is not the end of the process. Ongoing management is key to ensuring consumption and processes remain optimised. Circutor’s PowerStudio SCADA is a comprehensive Energy Management Software system which places control directly into the engineer’s hands. This intuitive yet powerful piece of equipment, available on portable devices or on a desktop, will transform the way in which you can monitor and manage energy efficiency for years to come.

In addition to providing onsite engineers with the power to monitor and manage their improved energy system, PowerStudio also allows consultants to remain up to date. In the event, for example, of a client having an issue with the energy sources, a consultant is able to log in via PowerStudio from anywhere in the world, as long as they have an Internet connection. This sort of universal support is of great value to businesses and also allows consultants to provide a superior level of service.

Interested in finding out more about an Energy Management System customised to your needs and powered by Quality Energy and Circutor? Get in touch with us today for an obligation free discussion.

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