We install a large number of Power Factor Correction Units, custom-built in our Melbourne facility for clients across Australia and abroad. These advanced pieces of technical equipment are designed to reduce the maximum demand (kVA), reduce electrical system losses which will result in reduced active power (kW) and reduced reactive power (kVAr). Each of these elements, if neglected, will contribute to higher power bills and a higher carbon footprint. A Power Factor Correction unit is designed to make the property more energy efficient. However, the installation of a Power Factor Correction (PFC) unit is not a quick fix. The unit will require maintenance in order to ensure it continues to operate at optimal levels over the course of its long lifespan.

Every piece of equipment in a commercial property needs to be periodically serviced. Your PFC Unit is no exception. Over time, the unit’s performance levels will drop. It may be almost unnoticeable but without attention, the unit’s capacity to perform will deteriorate to the point when your energy efficiency is no longer optimised. A PFC unit can pay for itself in as little as 6 months. This demonstrates how valuable they are as installations within commercial properties but also how important it is for businesses to not consider these as a one off purchase and instead to continue periodical investments in servicing the equipment.

In principle, PFC units are extremely efficient and provide an invaluable service which cannot be matched by on-site engineers. However, sometimes human intervention is required; for the servicing of a Power Factor Correction unit. Often, the installation of a PFC unit enables a business to scale down their on-site management teams because fewer engineers are required to monitor and manage the equipment. The PFC unit is capable of doing the work of a number of engineers, with more efficiency and better data tracking. They are typically running 24/7, required to always perform and operate within the plant. This will, over time, lead to deterioration of parts and loss of efficiency. At this point, we recommend the servicing of your PFC unit and setup.

The servicing of a Power Factor Correction unit from Quality Energy includes the following:

  • Download data
  • Check reactors
  • Thermal imaging of capacitor bank
  • Check joints and connections
  • Replace air filters as needed
  • Remove collected dust
  • Check capacitor elements
  • Full written and graphic report


We work with onsite engineers to complete these tasks, if required. Our reports are available in full for our clients. Our experts are able to talk you through any elements of the report which you do not understand or would like additional information about. We are able to highlight any problems which we identified and explain the steps we took to rectify the issue. This allows you to understand the importance not only of your Power Factor Correction unit but also the periodical servicing.

While we recommend annual servicing for all of our clients, there are times when a PFC unit will require emergency servicing. This is very rare, but it does sometimes happen and when an emergency occurs, Quality Energy is available for call outs. We will endeavour to be on-site as soon as possible, if required, to provide emergency servicing to your PFC units. Alternatively, we can work with your engineers and provide advice over the phone if appropriate.

Quality Energy has over 30 years’ experience servicing PFC systems. In addition to our own, bespoke built PFC units, we are able to service any existing units made by other manufacturers which may be installed on the premises.

Power Factor Correction units should be serviced every year. If you would like to book in for a recurring service, reach out to us today and organise your first service appointment.


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