Businesses around the world are streamlining the costs of their day to day operations. Due to the global economy, it’s key for commercial operations to reduce their outgoings in order to stay profitable during challenging times. An area to consider when reviewing your profit and loss is your energy bill. Sometimes one of the largest outgoings for a business and often overlooked.

In times like these, we know that every dollar counts. That’s why Quality Energy is committed to providing efficient, flexible and sustainable energy solutions designed to maximise power and reduce energy consumption costs.

Reducing Energy Bills With Power Factor Correction

For new clients, a common initial step after our assessment of a facility’s electrical setup and energy requirements is the installation of a Power Factor Correction System. Custom-built in our Melbourne facility, PFC Units are designed to improve a business’ energy efficiency (and therefore reduce the amount of energy used) as well as reducing the risk of equipment failure. Protecting the business’ bottom line is vital and one-off costs such as replacing depleted equipment should be avoided wherever possible in lean times.

When an electrical system or equipment is running inefficiently, it is because of its requirement for kVAr (reactive power) which in turn increases the total power load represented by your kVA. These two numbers are used to calculate the system’s ‘Power Factor’. A PFC Unit reduces the reliance on grid supplied reactive power (kVAr) which is used by inefficient electrical equipment, leading to an optimised Power Factor. The closer the Power Factor is to 1.0, the more efficient the system is running.

Of course, every facility is different and will have varied long and short-term energy needs. We’re dedicated to developing long term, supportive client relationships and are market leaders in designing, manufacturing and maintaining the most energy efficient solutions, extending beyond power quality and power factor correction.

Keeping Energy Bills Low

Businesses which have the space and capacity to generate (and store) their own energy can leverage off a reduced reliance on national energy suppliers and as a result, lower energy bills. We have helped businesses of all sizes around Australia to install commercial solar systems. These customised systems can generate much, if not all of the energy a business requires on a day to day basis, as well as including storage solutions to ensure the business has backup energy for when ongoing solar production is reduced, or when businesses are being charged additional peak charges on their energy bill (e.g. at night, or during peak demand periods).

While generating onsite energy will result in lower energy bills in the future, the cost of the installation can be a significant investment. With thanks to the Australian Government’s Coronavirus stimulus efforts, including the Instant Asset Write Off and Backing Business Investment coupled with low cost finance options available through our partner programs, now may be the perfect time to commit to a long term energy saving solution.

The team of commercial solar experts at Quality Energy have the latest information about commercial solar grant schemes across all states in Australia and can provide tailored options within the scope of the current Government stimulus packages(of course, we encourage you to seek advice from your accountant). If you would like more information about commercial solar solutions, power factor correction solutions or other ways in which we can help you streamline your business energy costs, get in touch with one of our energy experts today.

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