Is your business suffering from unexplained electrical faults, failures or power spikes? Perhaps you have noticed a spike in your power bill? One explanation to these issues could be that your business is receiving poor power quality.

What is power quality?

Power quality is the electric power that drives an electrical device and the device’s ability to function properly with the electric power it is provided. Poor voltage waveforms can lead to unnecessary and costly disruptions for electronically controlled equipment.

What factors can influence power quality?

There are several issues that can have an effect on the power quality at your business. These include:

  • momentary power interruptions;
  • electrical noise;
  • extended power interruptions;
  • voltage sags and surges;
  • harmonic distortion;
  • high-speed transients; and
  • lightning damage.


Conducting a Power Quality Audit will identify the issues that are causing poor power quality in your business. A Power Quality Audit can provide the data that is required to design an appropriate solution to tackle the issues.

What is involved in a Power Quality Audit?

During a Power Quality Audit, our power quality experts will assess your facilities’ wiring, loading, line balance, polarity ground, harmonic distortion and more. We will then provide you with a written report that details all the findings and data analysis from our audit. The report will contain technical and economic analysis data options, so you have all the information required to make an informed decision about the solutions to solve your power quality issues. We will also identify the potential cost and power savings available to you.

What industries or sectors can benefit from a Power Quality Audit?

All business can benefit from a power quality audit, regardless of the industry you are operating in. That way you can be rest assured that you are receiving clean, uniform power to prevent premature equipment failures or unnecessary power outages. Conducting a Power Quality Audit is a preventative measure to identify problems, plan and take corrective measures to prevent facility downtime. Ultimately, it will help your business save money and time.

Flexible solutions for industry-specific needs.

Quality Energy is the market leader in power quality solutions, with over 30 years’ industry experience and connections in Australia and abroad. We can tailor our power quality management solutions to meet the specific needs of your business. If you are experiencing Power Quality issues, contact us and let us help you identify what is causing these electrical issues and how to resolve them.

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