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Our world-class power factor correction unit systems will raise your business efficiency, lower your carbon footprint and reduce your risk of equipment failure. This saves your business time, energy and money. Learn more about our power factor promise and how we can assist with your power factor improvement.

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Power Factor Calculation Explained

Inefficient electrical systems tend to use a large quantity of ‘reactive’ power (kVAr), which represents the power lost in the operation of inductive equipment such as transformers. This invariably increases the total power load represented by your kVA –and reduces your overall energy efficiency or ‘power factor’.

The power factor calculation is the ratio between your kVA, or total power load, and your kW, or the actual power working for your business. Power factor is measured on a scale between zero and one, with 1.0 representing optimal energy efficiency. The higher the power factor is, the more efficient your site is at utilising the supplied power. Businesses with a low power factor may encounter higher capital expenditures and operating costs for the electricity network. These costs usually have to be passed on to customers as higher tariff rates.

Solutions for Low & Medium Voltage

Quality Energy supplies Low Voltage (LV) and Medium Voltage (MV) Power Factor Correction solutions, allowing us to meet the growing needs of our clients while also enabling us to be involved in large scale utility and renewable projects.

Quality Energy has experience in managing projects for both LV and MV compensation. We manufacture our solutions in our Melbourne-based facility and offer service and commissioning capability to our clients sites.

before power factor correction diagram

After compensation

Melbourne University engaged Quality Energy, as the successful applicant of a major tender process for the supply and installation of twenty-seven Power Factor Correction systems as a turn-key project. Quality Energy have proved themselves to be a very good electrical contractor and manufacturer who are professional, responsible, flexible and customer focused."

Van-Hung Le

Van-Hung Le
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Custom Power Factor Correction Equipment

By choosing a Quality Energy PFC system, you’re choosing a tailored solution at a highly competitive price, delivering maximum power efficiency and cost savings. Our revolutionary power factor correction equipment is designed to maximise your equipment’s life expectancy. Our custom-designed leading power factor correction systems are built with premium European components and assembled in Australia by experienced engineers. The segregated system design ensures that sensitive control components will not be affected by heat generated by harmonic blocking reactors, and facilitates greater life expectancy.

Save Money

Save Money

Installing a custom-built power factor capacitor bank and controllers minimises wasted energy, improves plant efficiency and ultimately saves you money.

Upgrade and expand

Upgrade and expand

Rectify any overloading issues you have and benefit from the opportunity to expand your plant without upgrading transformer or supply equipment.

Recover Costs

Recover Costs

It’s not uncommon for the installation costs of a properly designed power factor capacitor system to be recovered 6-24 months after installation.​

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30 Years of Engineering Excellence

We’ve been adding value by providing professional products and services to companies all over Australia for over 30 years. Quality Energy was established in 1989 and is now a national market-leading manufacturer that specialises in industrial power quality and efficiency. We help companies confront the reality of increasing energy costs and the challenges of poor power quality within their premises. Our passion, professional knowledge and dedication ensures your business will receive the power management solution that is right for you. Understanding each and every business we work with is vital in achieving the desired results, and this is why Australia’s biggest brands turn to Quality Energy for their cost reduction and power quality needs.

In the electrical power distribution industry, the term medium voltage is thoroughly used. In accordance with ANSI/IEEE 1585-2002 it refers to the voltages from 1kV to 35 kV. Therefore, an accurate definition of medium voltage is voltage that falls within the range of 1 kV to 35 kV. Description

Yes. Quality Energy has a service and commissioning capability that can be deployed to our clients' sites.

Yes. Quality Energy conducts extensive Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) to Quality Energy’s standard test sheets, or customised to the clients testing regime. Clients are encouraged to witness test the FAT in our Melbourne facility to ensure a smooth handover.

Yes. All electrical, mechanical, electronic components and equipment are sourced from quality accredited suppliers.


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Power Factor is a measure of how efficiently the equipment on your site is using electricity. Running motors, machinery and other equipment, uses a lot of power. The electricity needed to keep things running is referred to as active power or real power and is measured in kilowatts (kW) on your electricity bill. However, anything that has an electric motor or transformer, including most types of industrial machinery, refrigeration units, air conditioning units and fluorescent lights need an additional amount of power to maintain the magnetic field that starts them up and keeps them running.

This power is referred to as reactive because although it keeps equipment running, it isn’t actually doing the work, and much of it is considered wasted energy.

Power Factor is the ratio of real power to total power, expressed as a numerical value between 0 and 1. If your power factor is 0.7, you’re using - and being charged for - 30% more power than you should be. The closer your power factor is to 1, the more efficiently the business is consuming electricity.

Power Factor Correction is the term for any equipment that compensates for reactive power and improves a sites Power Factor.

The main cause of low Power Factor is Inductive loads such as electric motors, ballast lighting and transformers. In addition, inductive loads that are not used at, or near, their design capacity contribute significantly to a low Power Factor.

Reactive power is considered as ‘Wasted Power’ as it does not perform useful work in a system. The higher the portion of reactive power, the lower the Power Factor. Reactive power puts additional demand on the electricity network and inflates your power charges. This is represented on a power bill as “kVA Demand”.

By installing a Quality Energy Power Factor Correction unit.

Quality Energy can assist in the design and manufacture of a Power Factor Correction unit to cater for your site's energy profile. This is achieved by providing the reactive current, they reduce the total amount of current your site must draw from the network.

Power Factor Correction provides many benefits such as reduced electricity utility bills, increased system capacity, improved voltage and reduced losses.

For example, a client's manufacturing plant sought to improve its Power Factor with a Power Factor Correction unit. This particular site had a low Power Factor of 0.82, so it had a big opportunity to save! By installing a Quality Energy Power Factor Correction that improved the Power Factor to 1, it resulted in a demand reduction of 18% which offered a return on investment (ROI) of 23 months.

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